Is religion dangerous

This is an excellent book the author gives some well reasoned and reasonable answers to the to title of the book it is a book that you might to read in concert with the god delusion by dawkins as well as the myth of religious violence by cavanaugh. Restrictive, false and dangerous religious beliefs abound throughout the world, and dominate the mainstream teachings of organized religion religion has caused a lot of unnecessary pain to mankind, despite whatever truth and good intentions it has. Having little understanding of christianity and no awareness of apologetics (the rational case for christian truth), i viewed traditional western religion as dangerous to the intellect, while i became attracted to eastern religions in a vague sense.

Dangerous religious beliefs #2: my religion is the only true and correct religion the very word “religion” is derived from the latin verb religare , meaning “to bind” thus, etymologically, religion describes the binding of oneself with god. Is religion dangerous has 59 ratings and 7 reviews brian said: this is an excellent book the author gives some well reasoned and reasonable answers to.

The one reason religion is harmful or that god wants us to ban same-sex marriage and teach children dangerous lies about sex the reality check is absent the brake lines of morality have. Is religion dangerous clearly not all of it is there are a lot of good people who are believers, and a lot of good has been done stemming from religion and the psychological ethos it creates still, there are certainly elements of it that are dangerous/harmful in some significant sort of way.

By claiming that religion is dangerous you are reinforcing the displacement of responsibility from a person to their religion in the age of personal relationships with divine saviors, that might make sense - but religion, strangely enough, doesn't refer to its individual members to identify itself rather, it collects and suborns the believers to a common standard of belief.

Is religion dangerous

Yes, religion can be dangerous a belief in the supernatural can be dangerous to look at the world and imagine unseen and unproved forces at work there puts you in a different world from other people, right beside you so, religion can be a schismatic force and source of unreal ideation.

  • Without religion, the human race would be considerably worse off with little hope for the future in fact, he argues, religion is the best rational basis for morality thought-provoking and powerful, is religion dangerous is essential reading for anyone interested in the confluence of truth, freedom, and justice.

Is religion dangerous i am writing to investigate the reasons whether religion is good or dangerous some people may say that religion is the cause of suicide bombings, terrorist attacks, violence and wars but on the other side other people may argue that religion brings joy, comfort and happiness. Is religion dangerous is a book by keith ward examining the questions: is religion dangerous does it do more harm than good is it a force for evil it was first published in 2006.

is religion dangerous One of the main things we need to do as a society is let go of paradigms of thought that are false and are no longer serving us.
Is religion dangerous
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